who are we?

About Redcel

Who We Are

Redcel is your partner in helping build your amazing startup from idea to fruition. Redcel is here to help make your vision become a reality! It all started with a passion to help other brands to build startup companies through the years of knowledge and expertise Redcel has acquired. Each project is handled with love and care to take an idea and turn it into a money making business. Through that process we also created some of our own amazing brands. Check them out in our Case Studies section.

What We Do

Our specialties are design, development, and security for website and mobile applications. Each project has a focus on these three areas to ensure your project is launched successfully. We specialize in multiple web and mobile technologies to meet any need. Apart of our process Redcel will educate you along the way of each and every aspect that is being completed.

Why We Do It

Redcel loves what we do. We do this to help educate and help people build great products and turn them into world-class businesses. Redcel will provide free consultations and evaluate if your business goals and aspirations align with ours. If so Redcel provides additional free resources to make your project launch.